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Why choose a trusted Dental Billing Partner?

"A dentist who managed a large dental center for a corporation was convicted of a felony, fined and sent to jail, although he was not involved in the crime. A staff member committed billing fraud by adding procedures not done to patients’ bills.The dentist was not involved with the fraud, did not know about it and
did not profit from it. However, he was held accountable as the employee in charge of the dental center. Since the U.S. Postal Service was used to mail the fraudulent bills, the dentist was convicted of a federal offense."

“15 –month prison term in dental insurance scam,” Chicago Tribune, March 16, 2004.

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Why Choose a Trusted Dental Billing Partner?

Over 80% of dental claims sent contain billing errors.   These inefficiencies result in decreased collections and less money in your pocket, not to mention potential liability. Billing errors cost you money.

Do you know if your office staff are in the 80% with errors? Are they opening you up to insurance fraud liability? Lack of awareness does not protect you. You are liable for your office(s) billing errors regardless of your level of understanding.


The cost of dental insurance fraud can cost you your livelihood & penalties could include fines, and even prison time.

Over 35% of dental offices have been victims of embezzlement at least once, while 17% of offices have been embezzled two or more times. The average amount that is embezzled from a dental office is over $9,200, but can range anywhere from $25-$100,000.

By partnering with Dental Billing Solutions:

Increase your patient satisfaction

Increase your collections

Get paid faster

Reduce your risk from insurance fraud

Reduce your risk of embezzlement

Reduce your billing errors

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We know you have options when selecting a trusted dental billing partner. We are here to serve your needs no matter what size your office.

With trusted and practical expertise.

Are you ready to quit getting yanked around by insurance companies? 

Are you ready to reduce your costs and stress while increasing your collections?

Patient retention

Recent research shows the average dental office in America has only 65% retention. Meaning if you're like the average office, 35% of your new patients will leave your practice. Let that sink in for a moment. 

On average, your new patient's investment is between $300-500. You work hard to attract new patients, while investing your hard earned money, and 35% of them will not return. 

You're probably wondering why, right? While patient's may leave your practice for a number of reasons, the number one is interactions with your front office team regarding billing and financials.

How is your office personnel handling these complicated patient interactions? Are they the best of the best, or are they the national average? 

Give them what they want!

Recent research has also shown that your patients do not want to deal with small talk. Did you know the average person going to pick up a pizza, or even going to their local dental office does not like small talk? It is different for a trusted practitioner or clinical staff, who have to interact with the patient and get them comfortable within treatment areas. However, it is not different for your administration team. Patients on average do not want the small talk, and quite honestly you probably do not either.

To increase your patient retention and satisfaction, choosing a trusted billing partner such as Dental Billing Solutions is essential.

Increase your profits. Decrease your

claim errors and liability.

Get paid faster!

Starting is simple.

No contract  No set up fee  No hassle

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